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“To those I know, as well as to myself, the show is utter boredom,” he declared in 1962, when the series was in its fourth season.

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He touched nothing that he did not give distinction and high dignity.'' Director of Curtis Institute In 1928, Mr.

Zimbalist joined the violin faculty of the newly formed Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, becoming the head of the department two years later (upon the death of Auer, who had followed his celebrated students to America). Zimbalist was appointed the director of the institute in 1941, a position he held until 1968.

MSNBC’s “Circus Maximus shines a bright light on the much-needed discussion about the unconscionable expense surrounding both the bidding process and hosting of the Olympics and the World Cup.

The perfectly titled book will leave you gasping for reform.

Immediately.”— “Andrew Zimbalist is a perpetual source of insight on the economics and administration of modern sports.

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