Yoga teacher student dating latinadating net

He was patient and reassuring when I was going through a rough spot. One Sunday following a weekend yoga retreat, he called me late at night and declared his interest.

I'll admit I was drawn to him, not least because he seemed to have that unnameable thing many experienced yoga teachers have—call it knowledge of something magical, old and sacred. I was shocked (and flustered and embarrassed), not only because he was nearly twice my age, but also because he was my yoga teacher.

I turned him down—and never took another class with him—but I couldn't stop thinking about what happened.

You can’t share your unique perspective if it’s not unique, and students need a friendly, secure, contained atmosphere to allow their deepest hearts to emerge in practice.

The boundaries of this relationship are unique from teacher to teacher, even from student to student, and are different from any other relationship in your life.

This for many people is unethical, unfair, and unbalanced. Each relationship is unique in regard to its balance, fairness and ethics.

The context of a relationship does not determine its merits, but rather the qualities of the individuals operating within it.

When I first began practicing yoga nearly a decade ago, I studied with an attractive man in his 40s.

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