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I think my profile is fine, as I don't go out of my way to geek out about any one thing, and I don't try to paint myself as someone I'm not either.

I have some trouble trying to figure out what to put in the messages I've sent, so I've tried everything from long and specific messages to simple "Hey, how was your day? I'm not overweight (I'm actually skinny) and I'm not ugly, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing wrong.

All it costs is per trade, which covers the shipping costs to and from Slang.

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Jonathan Brady / PA Wire/AP, file When you want to achieve anything big in life (career, health, finances), you put together a plan with specific steps and goals.

But we often think dating and love should "just happen" if it's meant to be, and that planning is "unromantic." Au contraire.

Oh, and there was that actor who described a porn film shoot for me in graphic detail but didn't care for the fact that I'm not religious. A photo posted by Julia Hays (@juliaevehays) on There were only a half dozen women for over 15 men to rotate through, and every time a bell rang I embarked on a new 5-minute conversation where I tried a different dating mag method to charm these gentlemen.

So I thought a great way to spend Friday the 13th, which was also the night before Valentine's Day, was to make a list of the common dating tips I've found for ladies and execute them rapid fire while speed dating for the first time. Please enjoy the highlights of my evening, and let me preface by saying, I will 1.

To be successful at finding love, make a plan that is realistic, fun, and that you can stick to.

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