Xevo speed dating

Make sure you put your current and projected Alexa ranking on the first page of your pitch deck when you come to visit us. Maybe this entry should just be called “keeping up with phil”.

Not as bad a metric as some of the lame constructs we’ve come up with. One brilliant feature — copy a link from your browser or aggregator, select text in your post, and CTRL-J turns the text into a link. * Phil talks about Jobster’s culture and how they encourage innovation — lifting the 20% idea from Google. I fyou have a blackberry and don’t have berry411, get going!

Really for divers but in our wet conditions, some good things in here to keep cameras and ipods dry * Tips for ultralight backpacking.

Because of this, and their increased versatility, we'd recommend going for a 125 anyway, even if you'll mostly be commuting a shorter distance.

For anything larger than a 125 you'll need a full motorcycle licence.

Crucially, it'll be significantly better than those larger capacity GT scooters.

Equipment levels are impressive, including a sophisticated braking system linking front and rear and backed up by ABS, as well as a less obviously useful traction control system.

Yet around town the X10's little 330cc engine offers as much performance as most riders will need, with equipment levels just as good or better than the more costly alternatives.

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