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The most famous prehistoric structure in Europe, possibly the world, Stonehenge stands on Salisbury Plain, an area rich in monuments such as long barrows and round barrows.

It draws visitors from all over the world but viewing is restricted and it is difficult to get a sense of the grandeur of the place amongst all of the tourists.

Anniversary 25th Anniversary of LC1 Romania 6-8 October 2017 Brasov, […] Read More When you join Ladies’ Circle (LC) you normally attend a meeting of a local Circle in your town/village.

There you will make friends with members of that Circle.

Stonehenge Phase 1 (2950-2900BC) Begun in the late Neolithic, a circular bank nearly 2 metres high and 6 metres wide and with an internal diameter of 85 metres was built with chalk quarried from an outer ditch, the bright white fresh chalk contrasting vividly against the surrounding grassland.

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