randy dating jai glasgow pausch - Wow patch stuck on updating setup files

Same issue, unable to get past 'updating setup files..' window.It has shown for the past couple days, I was able to avoid it by going to the wow directory and starting in the folder for the past couple days, however, this no longer seems to work.

Click "Manage"This will bring up "Computer Management"On the left pane on the very bottom there will be "Services and Applications"Click that, then click "Services"The pane on the right will refresh with all the services and applications. thanks everyone for the responses and ideas, they have failed to work for me. Trend Micro has a uninstallation tool.________________________________________________Account and Technical Services If the Forum isn't helping, contact a Support Rep directly: I tried uninstalling trend micro altogether, this did not solve the problem.

My story: (if you dont care, skip to beneath the line)Now I know alot of you guys have seen this message many many times. Ive searched alot of keywords like: Updating Setup Files Stuck Setup files Game Client EU stuckand the list goes on...

When the installation starts you might recieve an error and then experiencing problems when trying to start the launcher again - you get a box stating "updating setup files".

this bar will most definatly get stuck at some point.

Just seconds after I did that, I thought it might be possible to change a installed wow game from US to EU, looked that up and seemed possible so thats what I am going to try right now.

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