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To the author's knowledge, these two measures have not been used together before.68 male and female participants from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds participated in the study, with a mean age of 34 years for women and 37 years for men.

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The results show the fact that the types of adult attachment influenced self-esteem level and the emotional intelligence development.

According to the investment model, the relationship satisfaction, the level of the evaluation of the quality of alternatives and relationship investment are determinants for the relationship commitment and relationship stability.

The aim of this research is to study the levels of causality and responsibility attributions, attachment styles and loneliness of the married couples within the context of the investment model.

131 married couples filled in the Demographic Information Form, Relationship Stability Form, Relationship Attribution Measure Form, Relationship Scales Questionnaire, UCLA Emotional Loneliness Scale, UCLA Social Loneliness Scale and UCLA Loneliness Scale.

Based on Bartholomew & Horowitz studies (1991) on the link between attachment, self-esteem and sociability, this study examined the correlations between the types of adult attachment, self-esteem level and emotional intelligence development.

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