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In the first scene of this episode, Jerry comments George about the button on his shirt.

He repeats this same comment in the last scene of the last episode!

The traditional opening monologue also tended to be different from that of other late night shows tending to avoid jokes with punch lines during Snyder and Ferguson's tenures in favour of a short conversational introduction when Snyder was host and a cold opening featuring either a musical parody, audience interaction, a short sketch or interaction between Ferguson and Geoff Peterson followed by an anecdotal stream of consciousness introduction during most of Ferguson's years.

He walked into the office at the end of the hall and opened the wall safe. "I have something to show you." The thick accent told Tom that the man was from the Czech Republic. There was an ugly art piece that the men talked over for several minutes before leaving the room. Tonight was unusual though, she rolled in about ten PM. "I used it on her until she couldn't take it anymore.

At the end of November, longtime TJMS comedian Jay Anthony Brown’s contract wasn’t renewed after 20 years of being with the show.

It first aired in January 1995, with host Tom Snyder, followed by Craig Kilborn and Craig Ferguson. The show originates from CBS Television City in Los Angeles.

The show differed from most of the other extant late-night talk shows during its first two decades on air in that it did not use a house band or an in-studio announcer.

Jerry is disappointed when everything is going his way until he finds out she is engaged.

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