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The trouble arises when Emily delivers the news that her parents, who live in North Carolina, are coming to town, and that she’d like Kumail to come to dinner and meet them.

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While some view the story as a folk tale that that describes an imaginary encounter with inhabitants of another world beneath our feet or even extraterrestrial, others accept it as a real, but somewhat altered account of a historical event that merits further investigation.

The account is set in the village of Woolpit located in Suffolk, East Anglia.

“The Big Sick” is loosely based on a true story, the romantic troubles of the real-life married couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V.

Gordon (they co-wrote the script, and Nanjiani stars as a character with his own first name) and Gordon’s sudden and serious illness.

It’s a story in a classic genre, that of the first talking picture, “The Jazz Singer,” from 1927—the son of a traditional immigrant family who defies his parents’ orders, follows his own path in life, and is ostracized from the family and the community alike.

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