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Patrick Brazeau is suspended with pay from the Senate because of the assault charges against him and the need to “protect the dignity of the Senate”. 13: Duffy talks to Harper after a caucus meeting about his expense claims. The Senate rules on housing allowances aren’t clear, and the forms are confusing. Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu repays the Senate 7 in housing expense claims he used while staying with his office assistant with whom he was romantically linked. March 25: Harb tells The Ottawa Citizen he will wait until the results of the audit before deciding whether he will repay any expenses.

Letters emerge suggesting Tkachuk, the committee chairman, spoke with Duffy about per diems Duffy claimed while in Florida. In a press release, Harb’s office says his lawyers will determine “all legal actions that can be undertaken to quash the decision” of the internal economy committee.

22, 2012: Senate internal economy committee tasks three senators with reviewing Sen. 12: A letter to senators tells them they have to provide their health card, driver’s licence, income tax return and signed letter stating where they vote, in order to prove their residency claims. Senate’s internal economy committee asks for special legal advice on Duffy’s residency. 11: Senate leaders say anyone who wrongfully claimed housing allowance should repay money with interest. 11: Duffy visits Langevin building, home to the Prime Minister’s Office. April 19: The Senate publicly confirms the repayment of Duffy’s expenses.

Only Alberta and Saskatchewan have plans for elections.

Being a Saskatchewan appointment, Wallin might wind up being among the first to give up her seat.

Investigators allege Wallin should have charged expenses to two private companies because the trips were part of her work as a director on the boards of Porter Airlines and wealth management firm Gluskin Sheff & Associates.

Instead, the RCMP allege Wallin charged them to the Senate, writing them off as “Senate business,” without providing any further explanation.

Former journalist and diplomat Pamela Wallin is invested to the Order of Canada as Officer by Gov. Michaelle Jean during ceremony at Rideau Hall, in Ottawa, Friday, Feb. (Fred Chartrand / THE CANADIAN PRESS) OTTAWA - Two television journalists, an Olympic hero and a covey of Conservative partisans were named to the Senate in Stephen Harper's biggest volley of patronage since he became prime minister.

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