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Yesterday, Richie shot into the news when he married Shayne Lamas, the winner of “The Bachelor” season 12 and the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas.

Richie and Lamas got married Britney Spears-style, at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

We had a long run of ups and downs, and he ALWAYS accused me of talking to other dudes, hooking up with old boyfriends, etc.” To cut a long story short (you can read the full diatribe warts and all right here….) the pissed off ex bitches and moans about Jordan’s alleged jealousy and insecurities before dropping the bombshell that HE was actually cheating on HER the whole time….

And then starts the REAL vitriol, “So finally I’ve seen the light and can’t believe I wasted 2 years on this FAT F*CK.

“This guy is probably a 3 on the hot scale and I’m so completely out of his league that all his friends talked sh*t about me because they thought I was only after one thing, money.

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