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Many will not believe this, but after walking off in a blaze of controversy mid-round at the Australian Open last month, Daly actually returned to the hotel and donned his tutor's hat.Maybe he asked Little John to count how many balls he'd hit into the lake...In 1974 the firm formed a consortium with the boxing promoter Don King, to sponsor the heavyweight boxing contest in Zaire between the world champion George Foreman and the ex-world champion and challenger Muhammad Ali – the so-called Rumble in the Jungle.

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Sherrie Daly, his former wife, was ultimately adjudged to be in contempt of court and ordered to spend three days in jail.

Daly claims he hardly saw his son before, but that he has made up time with remarkable fortitude.

Daly continued to strike the ball well, finding 11 fairways and 13 greens. Daly said he is switching out this Scotty Cameron 8802 model with a heavier version for Sunday’s final round. "So I have one that's a lot heavier that might shorten my stroke.

"This one is a little lighter and the greens are quick. Maybe I can hit my putts a little more on line tomorrow, I hope." Daly also said he might be a little more aggressive, using driver on a couple of extra holes.

It may not tally with the general perception of the Wild Thing, but the truth is that when he is not storming off the course he is the full-time schoolteacher to his eight-year-old son. It was not so very long ago when he would spend the hours after playing – and, in many cases, the hours before – conversing with bartenders.

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