Webbrowser documenttext not updating

webbrowser documenttext not updating-39

I’ve been working on a sample application that needs to load some generated display content into the Web Browser control and I’ve been wanting to interact with this content.

One of the things I want to do is use some transitions like modal overlays and activity displays while pages load – in other words do some Ajax based UI functionality but with data that is provided by the host application.

The goal is add more examples overtime, especially examples demonstrating Java Script interaction and capabilities.

If more than one navigation instruction is contained within the same lambda its likely to result in unpredictable behavior including causing the Web Browser Waiter to hang.

I was looking for a way to access the Window property of the document, which is where scripts normally are ‘attached’. Invoke Script, which is in any case much cleaner than having to create a manual wrapper. It isn’t the first time I’ve made a simple solution difficult :-}… When I looked into this again I actually was working on a sample Fox Pro piece for a conference presentation which has the same requirements.

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