Vistarms inc omega liquidating trust

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Because the two calendars were based on 260 days and 365 days respectively, the whole cycle would repeat itself every 52 Haab' years exactly.

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Omega kept its stake in Alphabet of 158,835 class A shares unchanged.

Cooperman told CNBC last week that Alphabet was his biggest position and that his investment in the company’s shares amounted to about 4-4.5 percent of his fund.

576 *576 Thomas Lynn Williams, Joplin, MA, for Trustee-Appellee. We conclude that the bankruptcy court did not err when it denied Omega’s request for payment of unclaimed funds from the Debtor’s Chapter 11 estate. Section 1143 further provides that any entity that has not within such time presented or surrendered such entity’s security or taken any such other action that the plan requires may not participate in distributions under the plan. These sections of the Bankruptcy Code are akin to a statute of limitations and are designed to promote finality and judicial economy and to avoid disruptive, wasteful litigation over unclaimed funds. case where the former president of a corporate debtor sought unclaimed funds after confirmation of a liquidating plan pursuant to which the shareholders’ interests were extinguished and no employees, officers, or directors of the debtor corporation remained. In support of this statement, Omega attached to its motion a list of officers and directors of Table Rock filed with the Missouri Secretary of State on August 9, 1984.

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