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Two Solihull sisters faced an agonising wait after scooping £300,000 on a scratchcard and then accidentally ripping it in half as they jumped for joy.

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There are, for example, the tabloid celebrity “lotto louts” of England, such as Michael Carroll, who went full circle from garbage collector to lavish spender and back to garbage collector, collecting addictions and convictions along the way.

There was Ibi Roncaioli of Thornhill, Ont., whose husband killed her when she went broke and her health began to fail.

When he won a $5-million lottery jackpot in 2006, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation had some advice for Daniel Carley, then a small-time weed dealer in St. It was general advice, offered with a smile to all big winners.

Then delist your phone number and change the locks on your home.

I scratched it straight away and just stood there checking and checking and checking.'I then started to panic and rushed around to my sister Annie's house for her to check it.'Lucy added: 'She looked, we gazed at each other and then when we had realised we had won we started screaming and then jumping up in the air.'The scratchcard had been folded in my pocket and so when we jumped up in the air together the ticket ripped in half along the fold.'We then ran back to Tesco with the two halves to double check the win as the shop shuts at 10pm.

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