Uwo speed dating

that they are the world's best bagels, because you've been adequately trained to believe and regurgitate this fact by your co-Mustangs.Speaking of which, why isn't the Spoke Bagel our school mascot yet?

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Can the people of Broughdale PLEASE come forward and LMK when I can drink beer on your roof? Until then, I'm planning on partying in the streets on both the 1st and the 22nd, and I hope you'll all join me.

September is probably the only time you'll see a line-up outside of these bars, but they're still a good bet if you're trying to go out in September.

Show respect for the environment and keep safety in mind to enjoy the famous right to roam.

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(Shout out FIMS students, you're all going to have to do this at some point.)Don’t worry, people will stop giving a f*ck by October. I mean, at some point someone has got to initiate the normalization of sweatpants and messy buns on campus, it might as well be you! But in all seriousness, pick a few that genuinely interest you, and then commit yourself to them.

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