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Prob: I have an ntfs blue screen error and cannot get to run chkdsk to fix it. I tried to restart my computer and I get a black screen asking me which option I wanted to use to boot (safe mode, safe mode networking, last known gtood configuration, normal mode) I have tried all of these...

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Thanks, I followed your suggestions, no luck unfortunately.

If it offers more information, the blue tinting initially came and went, but now it's remained that way for the past day or so consistently.

Hey guys, Apparently I get this kind of screen whenever I insert my Gainward Nvidia Ge Force GTX 460 GS 2GB in my PC: (Take Notice The White Lines)(also, don't mind the white glowing light by the middle-top of the screen, it's just florescent lighting reflecting the glass...) I do not know why it happens like that, It started to become like that while I'm playing Mine Craft(in full screen) then it suddenly crashed.

It was not actually the cause of overheating tho, because I checked it out and it wasn't that hot.

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