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The graphs below so the current number of players in the game for today, and average number of players on the server throughout the month.Download BF2142 Demo from Electronic Arts Download BF2142 Demo from File Front Download BF2142 Demo from Gamers Hell Download BF2142 Demo from File Planet Download BF2142 Demo through a Google search To play on the AIRWAR servers located in the full versions of the games, you will need to buy full game copies of the games.category ID=70 Make sure you are running Battlefield 2142 version 1.51, and the First Strike Launcher.

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I personally have had my internet drop in and out so fast that my modem lights aren't affected.

After much, MUCH pestering to my ISP, they finally admitted there was a problem and ended up fixing the local node.

The following describes the most common problems and glitches that First Strike users have reported, and the recommended solutions to each.

This is not meant to be a complete list of all known issues and solutions, but this troubleshooting guide can help users solve most of them.

You can play for free by downloading the free BF2142 Demo client, installing it, clicking multiplay, and then looking for my server Choppergirl's Airwar. You can have both the demo version and full version of BF2142 installed on the same computer, so by all means, if you buy the full version, download the demo as well so you can play all servers.

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