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less04/18/1995 - Former Houston Post night press supervisor Steve Redd fills out a job application at the Houston Chronicle loading dock. By now, though, he was truly spooked and knew there would be no more sleep.

Redd was one of hundreds of Post employees left without employment when the ... Little did he know Houston's news media landscape was being forever reshaped a few miles away as the final edition of the Houston Post was rolling off the presses in the early hours of April 18.

The boys laid out a large piece of butcher paper and together we charted the four trips Columbus took to the Caribbean.

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If the Feisty way doesn't work, maybe I'll download the 2.6.15 sources and see if I can find out what's missing to make it work on Dapper, but I don't have a Dapper box to test with Edgy: The modules for the card reader aren't loading.

Feisty: The 2.6.20-15 kernel is lacking proper TI modules (version 0.7) and a few header files are messed up / missing.

That mother— left, cousin.” The Raiders packed up Thursday afternoon after 18 days in Napa, and the memories that linger will be of the tight ends making plays, the injured and holdout players, and of Lynch doing whatever he wanted. It’s certainly nice to see him out there and running around and moving the way he is.

•Making fun of quarterback Derek Carr, telling defensive end Khalil Mack he just blocked him during a scrimmage (he didn’t), shadow-boxing with offensive coordinator Todd Downing, or sharing stories with kicker Sebastian Janikowski, as Lynch made the rounds socially at practice every day. We’re really pleased with where he’s at.” •Walking over and doing drills with the defensive-line group Tuesday.

We make sure to devote just a few minutes every single day to this strand, knowing it will make a great difference in their studies now and in the future when they hit Challenge A. We managed to read everything under the Geography heading with three different people reading aloud.

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