Updating dell bios without floppy

Anyone out there with experience with Dell blades who could give us a hint or two to get this working? Joe The M610 (and all Dell 11G or later servers) has a built in UEFI based utility called the Unified Server Configurator (USC) that you can boot into (by hitting F10 at startup) that includes the ability to download and upgrade the BIOS.There are full instructions on how to use it in this Dell support document.

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Typically the utility runs some of the BIOS flash process in Windows, then restart your computer and run the remainder of the flash process when the computer starts up, within DOS mode.

If no Windows BIOS utility is available, create a bootable CD and copy the BIOS flash utility files to the CD.

Check the motherboard manufacturer website to see if they have a Windows-based BIOS flash utility available for download and use.

If this is available for your motherboard, this utility may be the best option to use.

If you know what you are doing, are feeling daring, or just want to know a little more about this topic, then continue reading.

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