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This woman made her boyfriend take a test on American chat show Maury and of course she thought it would be a good idea to let the entire nation hear the result.

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The network gets in the act, forcing the boys to reveal their secrets via a faxed challenge.

As you can guess, all the guys on the show are pigs.

PHOTOS: DWTS' season 19 cast “Right now Ukrainians and Russians are not really getting along anyway,” the dancer noted.

“So adding the mix-up into the mix and adding Janel into this burlesque number, yeah, I had some sort of emotions about that.“ Watch the clip above to see what happens when the pair is asked whether or not they’re dating!

People looking for their 15 minute of fame or don't think they've accomplished something until they've been on TV can't carry a show or reflect a reality, that scripted characters can.

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