Tunis naked

The interim government took some positive steps to investigate crimes committed during the December 2010 to January 2011 uprising and compensate those whom the security forces injured or who lost family members.

A national fact finding commission, created by the first transitional government to investigate abuses during the uprising, issued its final report in April 2012, and identified 132 people killed and 1,452 injured up to January 14, 2011, the day Ben Ali fled.

According to reports, the Tunisian Culture Minister has tried to ban the film after it was requested by political party the People's Movement.

The request reportedly has its roots in Gadot's defence of Israel during the 2014 Gaza War, and came ahead of the film's planned preview screening in capital Tunis last night (June 7).

The Islamist party Al-Nahdha, which won a plurality of seats in the elections for the NCA, formed a governing coalition with Al-Mu’tamar min ajl al-Jumhuriyya party (Congress for the Republic) and the leftist Ettakatol party (Democratic Forum for Labor and Liberties) to form a ruling coalition.

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