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It looks like Expedition One has been doing it's thing for about 3 years now. If you follow the instructions you will glide right by the fact it belongs on the 3 posts. The you tube video does mention these and the correct orientation. Fine, just don't make us search a forum for the problem after the fact.

I LOVE the front bumper but the instructions need a revision. It's up to the customer to cobble together hints from a PDF file and a you tube video. Own up to it in the instructions, maybe toss in a piece of rubber? Neither the video or the instructions lead you to the only possible way of mounting this, which is not only removing the skid plate but "whatever the curved bars are called" under that.

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If this event is less than thirty days away, the promotion period starts now.

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Some people find apes, monkeys, and lemurs inherently amusing.

Perhaps it's the fact that they mirror humanity so closely while still maintaining the visage of a wild animal, perhaps it's just easier to anthropomorphize them, or maybe people just like poop-tossing jokes?

We are considering removing that from the general instructions and kit.

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