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But if you came to San Diego looking for love, here's an indispensable guide to understanding how things work here: If you’re on the hunt for someone who’s into catching waves or bending themselves into a pretzel, then you have your pick around here.

However, if you’re not into surfers or yogis your dating pool in SD just got significantly smaller.

This applies both to where they live and where they suggest going out. Unlike other cities, we don’t have the luxury of winter.

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First dates don’t have to be the same old predictable coffee, dinner, or drinks routine. Everyone around here is dating at least four people at a time until they find the "one" who can convince them to be in an exclusive relationship.

Thanks to weather that rivals the beauty of the general population, outdoor activities are a perfectly acceptable, and even advisable, first date move any time of year. But let’s be real, even then they’ve probably got at least one other option on standby.

The eldest, Francisco Rafael, was killed at a party by an assassin dressed as a clown.

His brother Ramon, known for his brutal torture techniques, was shot dead by police during a seaside carnival.

The man, who can only be identified as redditor plzsendhalp, first told of his incredible, raunchy and inspiring story on reddit.

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