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This happily married couple don’t have any children till now but they own two cats, Link, and Navi, and are currently raising their You Tube careers.

She has over 5 million subscribers on her channel which is growing daily.

Tiffany had never known that her destiny lay social media until she uploaded her first web videos on the under the names i Has Cupquake.

Tiffany Michelle Herrera, famous You Tube celebrity, was born in the year of 1988, on March 19, in California.

Her real name is Tiffany Garcia and is more commonly known as Tiify Quake.

Maria: The ball would come back toward us because the wind was so bad [at the golf field]. Also, they didn't show this, but it took a couple tries for all the males that did it.

That's another thing — they can't predict weather elements when they test a challenge. Some viewers think the leg was poorly designed since both Detours were physical. Normally, [there's one physical Detour] and the other is a little less physically demanding and usually involves something more mental or something more gender-neutral.

"We are tough girls and like to win, but at that point, we realized we had nothing more that we could physically give," Tiffany tells

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