Xxx date - Tiffany hsu and ethan ruan dating

Ethan revealed in an interview that he lost his virginity when he was 18 years old, so filming the intimate scene with Regina felt a bit unnatural for him.

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Despite the herculean efforts of both Ethan Ruan and Tony Yang to win back the love (and trust in the case of Ethan) of their respective girlfriends, both Tiffany Hsu and Amber Kuo confirmed that their respective relationships with the actors have officially ended.

Last week, Tiffany attended a press conference of her upcoming, very aptly titled PTS drama It’s Time To Wake Up and was grilled about the real status of her relationship with Ethan.

She was apparently pregnant when he decided to leave Taichung to pursue his career in Taipei.

In response to the allegations, Ethan Ruan said, “I don’t know Yvonne at all, (I) don’t even know how to pronounce her name, or how to spell it phonetically, and don’t even know what she looks like.” Ethan Ruan treated the news like any other gossip, but he was extremely angry over Chen Xiao-Zhi’s accusation.

He said the scene was very difficult for him to film as he was supposed to act more submissive and shy.

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