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This is the regular main title used in every episode of season 1 and most season 2 episodes.It's 41 seconds long and plays after the cold opening.A shortened version of the main title —15 seconds long instead of the regular 41— is used in episodes that are longer than usual.

and NS Pictures were looking for in the main title of the series.” The Marderosians claim that they agreed to step in and write a musical theme, in exchange for co-writer credits.

They were also to receive an on-screen credit and retain all of the publishing rights to the composition should the track be accepted for the series, according to the lawsuit.

While a six-second excerpt from the master recording was chosen for the main title theme, the lawsuit alleges, Beltrami didn’t tell Warner Bros.

and NS Pictures of his agreement with the Marderosians, passing the composition off as his own. Between Lindsay Lohan firing back at Fox News, Mariah Carey allegedly short changing her domestic help, and Sly Stone winning millions after suing his ex-manager -- stars often turn to the courts to address their squabbles and strife.

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