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I wait until articles are accepted for publication before telling my family that I’ve even submitted them for review.

of private information, like passwords, emails, and registration dates.

Hotdiggiddy, the new "Social Dating Site" for Dog Lovers, is centered around the idea that those who care for dogs are usually warm, loving, and responsible people.

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Tapped dating site

Then he texted her, casually, to get dinner AND THE REST IS HISTORY.

Before guzzling down our inaugural PSLs of 2017, filling our bellies and Instagram feed with apple cider doughnut holes, and tossing on our beloved flannel tops, we figured we’d soak in the last bit of summer by sharing our current favorites. I love reading, writing, Netflixing, napping, and sometimes pretending I didn’t see an acquaintance at the grocery store on Saturday morning.

Today, the delightful Jennifer Lopez was convinced by the very persistent Ellen De Generes to share the story of how she and her new boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, met and started dating.

It was all very simple, JLo explained: Whilst eating a Cobb salad and tortilla soup for lunch one day, she saw Alex leaving the restaurant she was in.

Then, it turned to Yelp experts to suggest some of Chicago's best date spots in those neighborhoods.

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