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This portion of the museum contains cameras which are medium format with film that is larger than 35mm and generally 2.25" or 6cm wide. Medium format cameras range from very inexpensive consumer models popular up through the early 1960s to very sophisticated and expensive professional cameras such as the Hasselblad and the Pentax 6x7.

Almost all types of focusing and viewing rolex replica systems are represented including fixed focus viewfinder systems, twin lens reflex, single lens reflex, rangefinder, and even view cameras (e.g.

Many of the best film cameras still use focal-plane shutter.

The a field camera, which means it's a portable (or luggable) view camera: the image is focused on a ground glass in the rear of the camera, or by using a viewfinder attached to the side. This made it very popular with newspaper photographers of the time; it was very versatile but it was also light and hand-holdable and it could take a beating.

Mine has the Kalart rangefinger and an Optar 135mm lens in a Graftar shutter, which is decent but not spectacular glass.

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