Skits involving dating

And when they do find a skit that fits what they are looking for, it's usually If you have little or no experience putting on a Christian skit, then don't worry, you will be doing a skit written by a professional playwright with 20 years experience and who has personally tested each one herself!

You look good bud - you lost weight.'The show started with 'A Christmas Message from Donald and Melania Trump', in which the pretend Donald, played by Taran Killam, wished everyone a Happy Christmas and Happy Hanukah, before adding: 'And to the Muslims, send me your names.'They then went through their Christmas Naughty and Nice list, with the polls 'very nice' and Hillary Clinton - who he nicknamed 'the nutcracker' - also being on the good list for calling him and saying 'please, please' be the Republican nominee to run against her.

Frontier Mortician - a skit that has been around for quite a while and is absolutely hilarious.

Lollipop, Oh, Lollipop - A funny, short Valentine's Day Skit. Senior citizens are actively looking for skits for their clubs and groups.

The Invisible Bench - A short skit contributed by one of our readers. Teachers often use skits in the classroom for teaching purposes. are almost always using skits to teach God's Truth in a creative manner.

Many of our plays have been used in a Christian Dinner Theater. There are about a dozen free scripts, and each one can be easily cut and pasted to your own document. NOTHING IS MAILED OR SHIPPED UNLESS REQUESTED AND PAID FOR.

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