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"I declare that I intend to live forever and that nothing bad will ever happen to me.

For that reason, I have no need to make a Will, or doing any estate planning.

If my assumptions are wrong, the State of California has written this Will for me" on, for the disaster that awaits the unprepared...

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Perhaps this prayer by an anonymous Christian single parent says it all:“Lord, grant me Time Enough to do all the chores, join in the games, help with the lessons, and say the night prayers, and still have a few moments left over for me; Energy Enough to be bread-baker and breadwinner, knee patcher and peacemaker, ballplayer and bill juggler; Hands Enough to wipe away the tears, to reach out when I’m needed, to hug and to hold, to tickle and touch; Heart Enough to share and to care, to listen and understand, and to make a loving home for my family.” Phew! One of my friends who is a single parent dad to two minor children was discussing the possibilities of using an online Christian dating service. No, with all my daily responsibilities I barely have time to use the bathroom!

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