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We used RNA-sequencing to profile gene expression changes during cell differentiation from mouse intestinal stem cells to mature villus cells, as well as genes perturbed in intestinal stem cells upon loss of Cdx2.

We find thousands of genes that change in expression during cell differentiation, including known stem cell and mature markers.

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Shivdasani dating

His next movie with Lisa Ray was Vikram Bhatt's Kasoor as a man convicted for murder.

He was seen in comedy flicks like Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (2001) and Awaara Pagal Deewana (2002).2004 to 2009 Shivdasani didn't have any blockbusters even as he continued to be seen frequently on the big screen with movies like Masti (2004), Ankahee (2006) and Money Hai To Honey Hai (2008).

And in Aftab’s case, his friends let out some scoop.

The actor remains good friends with Kabir Bedi and Vikram Bhatt, both of whom have talked about how the actor “had been taken for a ride” in his previous relationships.

You wouldn’t expect a star child to have a quiet wed-off, specially not after the media hounded him in the early 2000s, hoping for some new gossip about one of Bollywood’s most attractive men.[Read More: Riya Sen’s Marriage]Aftab Shivdasani is the epitome of the private contemporary actor, with juicy details of past and current love barely being revealed to the media to be discussed by all.

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