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His columns for one of Australia's largest media companies are raw, real, and honest. I also get hired to look after VIP/billionaire types that travel into Sydney – is fun... - Molly I’ve been swiping and app dating for a year.

Michael Jarosky can be reached via the Contact Us form. I did the strategy consulting gig in Chicago/London. In that year, I’ve had super dates, paired with lovely sex with great women like Molly. And I’ve met some ladies that are now friends – they are damn cool and switched on people.

Why does the human male stand out as one of the few mammals to stay (often or usually) with the female he impregnates, to help raise the children that he sired? There is no one better qualified than Jared Diamond,renowned expert in the fields of physiology and evolutionary biology and award-winning author,to explain the evolutionary forces that operated on our ancestors to make us sexually different.

A fascinating insight into how human sexuality came to be the way it is now - Jared Diamond explains why we are different from the animal kingdom.

Why are human females one of the few mammals to go through menopause?

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