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Mike goes to a local motel where he was told to meet for Dallas's wake.

The attendant at the desk has zero idea what Mike's talking about -- and we suddenly hear Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" loudly playing in the background.

I have more of a European approach in my house.” Pinkett Smith is one half of one of Hollywood’s most influential power couples – she has been married to Will Smith for 18 years and is mother to son Jaden, 16, daughter Willow, 14, and step-mum to Smith’s son Trey, 22.

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and a little about being in the upcoming Netflix special , it was on the very day the Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage?

Perfect timing, and Cameron, a brilliant comedian, took advantage of the opportunity to have a frank and fascinating conversation about being gay and in a relationship with another comedian, the role of gender in comedy, and dealing with Internet hate.

I learned about Member XXL quite by accident on a popular website.

After previous failures with other products, I was sceptical before buying...

“I don’t have any miracle formula so I read from different sources, pull together different information and I ‘Frankenstein’ a philosophy.

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