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(3) The certificate issued with each license tag shall contain the following information concerning the dog or cat: (a) Owners name, address, and telephone number. (1) The animal control officer shall be primarily responsible for seizing any stray or vicious dog or cat in the city or any dog or cat found at large in violation of this chapter.

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Each owner shall be provided with a microchip or suitable metal or permanent type tag as well as a certificate and receipt for the registration fee. (6) New residents whose pets are already microchipped must show proof of updated contact information on microchip registration.

Said tag shall bear the name of the City of Norris and a serial number. (7) Exemptions from registration may be made for dogs and cats temporarily fostered through a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization with proof of foster documentation and rabies inoculation from the shelter or rescue.

A copy of each per numbered certificate shall be retained by the city manager.

(2) Dogs and cats so seized shall be detained in Norris for at least three working days, after which the animal becomes sole property of the City of Norris.

(1) Every dog and cat over six months of age having been kept within the corporate limits of the City of Norris at least thirty (30) days shall be required to be registered with the city, however, dogs and cats that have proof of a microchip shall not be required to have a city license. (4) If not microchipped, the license tag shall be securely fastened upon a collar which shall be kept on the dog or cat at all times, and any dog or cat not microchipped and not bearing a license tag shall be deemed to be unlicensed.

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