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after Ben woke up with a simple dream about Melissa taking a road trip with her grandmother.

Years later, Melissa is a bonafide film and TV star and billboards of her in a “Mahalo” T-Shirt in front of a fast food joint she held up with a paper bag are unavoidable in Hollywood., which opens today in select theaters and nationwide tomorrow, July 2, is a comedy about a woman stuck in her small Illinois town and ready to bust out.

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After getting fired from her job at fictional burger joint Topper Jacks and finding out her husband is sleeping with the demure neighbor (Toni Colette), Tammy (Mc Carthy) decides she’s had enough..

“We based it on real people we know and what it’s like getting — if you feel stuck — I think there’s people that really love the comfort of their small town and there’s people that feel stuck by it.

That's what Shonda does best, is give us these big twists and turns.

And even though the fans get upset at these big, dramatic changes, I cannot tell you how important big, dramatic changes are for the writers, who have to write 24 episodes of television [every season].

, something “that tapped into this 20-something female plight of wanting to be strong, independent-thinking and intelligent, and still looking for love.” They found it in Cabot, who was an intern at their production company.

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