Russian compass dating

The self-confessed tech geek from Novosibirsk in south-central Russia's Novosibirsk Oblast said he has always been obsessed with the idea of electronic modifications and believes one day it will become a sixth sense.

Mr Lytkin claims that the procedure to install the compass was simple.

Reindeer, bears, fish and a multitude of bird species make this one of Norway´s most exciting wilderness areas.

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While travelling upriver, you learn about the history of the Sámi people, the saints Boris and Gleb, and St. We also learn about the area´s strategic geopolitical significance and as the site of occasional fierce fighting between Allied and Axis forces during World War II.

At the border we go ashore and learn a little bit more about Norway’s relationship with its neighbour to the east, Russia.

The Southern part of the Russian Altai Mountains is recognized for its evidence of catastrophic glacial lake outbursts.

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