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In recent years, such trademarked names have come under attack as racially offensive. The case of the Slants raised questions about government’s efforts to police names that may be offensive to one group or another.

Simon Tam, the leader of the Portland, Ore.-based band, said he chose the name to make fun of a word that had been used as a slur against Asians, and thereby to “drain” it of any derogatory impact, as the court put it.

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The game doesn’t support the Xbox 360 guitars at all.

Josh Harrison, Social & Community Lead for Harmonix, said in a Reddit post that the developer “would love to support [Xbox 360 controllers] as well.” The company isn’t looking for a cash grab to make customers buy new hardware.

Update, March 24, 2017, am PT: Dan Walsh, Director of Communications at Harmonix reached out to inform us that the developer made progress with Xbox 360 guitar compatibility and expects to have a patch sooner than previously thought. We expected that meant you would be able to dust off your old gear and give at a new lease on life, but it turns out that if your guitar is for the Xbox 360, you're out of luck.

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of hype about virtual reality peripherals.

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