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But one event in Manhattan last week turned the old idea of a gold digger on its head."We are hosting a speed date exclusively available to ultra-wealthy women and hot young men," said event organizer Jeremy Abelson. And I'm a physician."Nancy Richards said: "I'm 50 years old. But none of the women CBS News spoke with found romance, either. The word "love" can be hard to hear in a society where money sometimes talks loudest of all.

One female in attendance, Gail Garrison, said she is a 44-year-old fashion designer. But my motto is '50 is the new 30.'""I'm open to dating men that are younger, whether it's five years, ten years, 12 years," Garrison said. Paul Janka, 27, said: "I want to be coddled, yes.""There are a lot of people who are gonna say, 'That's disgusting.' Anytime you integrate money into dating, people are going to say, 'That's disgusting.' And it's usually by people who don't have any money," Abelson said. "But Kennedy came along and it was real money, and so, she went for that."Are these women happy though? It's not a role that would make a lot of women happy," Hays said. And the golden rule is he who has the gold makes the rules."And finding the golden goose, or gander, is getting easier. There are a number of Internet sites that allow subscribers to meet the rich.

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