Reviewing and updating job descriptions

Be careful not to confuse position descriptions with official university job descriptions.

Position descriptions differ from job descriptions in the following ways: You should take the following steps when creating and updating position descriptions.

Ideally, districts should revisit their job descriptions at least once per year.

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As a manager, you can take several approaches to helping your employees craft their position descriptions.

Depending on your department and your management style, you may choose any of the following methods: In the spirit of continuous improvement and process review, position descriptions should constantly evolve based on emerging priorities or shifts in organizational and departmental needs.

This isn’t going to work for everyone so before you start renaming your team as ‘Digital Dynamos’ and ‘Ninja Analysts’ think about your company culture and the personality of the personnel you’re aiming to hire. As well as outlining responsibilities, they can be used for setting goals and measuring performance.

Long standing roles may have been filled by one person for many years with them assuming new responsibilities or leaving out tasks that didn’t work as well.

Here are some insights based on my experience: How often should a school district revisit and/or update job descriptions?

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