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When I try to update that directory, I get "svn: Two top-level reports with no target" One more reason to hate SVN. Move the clean copy to the new location, and use an add and delete to do the move. svn update --force /path to filename/ If your recent file in the local directory is the same, there are no prompts.With git, I never had this type of stupid problem with basic operations like moving a directory. It's either incorrect in the old parent, the new parent or the old one. That's manually doing what SVN does, but it might work. If the file is different, it prompts for tf, mf etc...Whenever a change on a file is committed, the revision of the parent directory changes in the repo, but you working copy still has the directory in its old revision.

resource out of date try updating tortoisesvn-46

If I tried to commit again, I would get the same out of date error.

Eventually I figured out that if I delete the folder containing the problematic file, ran svn up to restore the working copy and re-edited (or restored from a backup) the modified file, the problem went away.

Two questions: - can anyone explain this behaviour because I am very curious about it - this problem occurs in a perl script in a far more complex situation.

Can anyone give me a simple solution with is 'doable' in the perl script?

The standard Update command has no options and just updates your working copy to the HEAD revision of the repository, which is the most common use case.

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