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One of his favorite artists was Babyface, and Smith recalls that her son once begged her to visit the Waxie Maxie's record store in the District to buy a promotional picture of the singer.

De Vaughn visited his father during the summer, mainly in New Jersey.

Maybe I’m in a relationship but just don’t want to talk to you about it.

Maybe I just got out of a relationship and I’m still raw.

” in my mind can be fairly benign if not asked in rapid succession. Also, and here’s the most likely circumstance, maybe it’s none of your business. You’re assuming that because Person X is single, they’d automatically be interested in Person Y who is also single The assumption that all single people want to not be single and are willing to be set up blindly with someone they haven’t screened is an incorrect assumption. ” For real…this is how our conversation goes every time we talk. Life is good because I’m happy, healthy, my family is doing well, I just got back from a great vacation, I’m excited about my new project at work, I just got certified to teach yoga/typing/underwater basket weaving/whatever, I successfully baked my first cake without burnt edges, I successfully gave myself my first relaxer without burnt edges, etc. All you care about is whether or not I’ve “found” a man. Maybe I’m still childless because I like taking real vacations rather than just trips, because that’s what happens when you take kids. Sonya lives and works IN the DMV, not AT the DMV -- which means she has no advice for how to renew your driver's license.

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