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The name is derived from the fact that all of the Pokémon are based on monkeys with a different type (Grass, Fire, and Water respectively) and all of them share similar moves, appearance and identical base stats.

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The story will progress in different branches depending on who you choose to talk to, who you try to befriend, pursue as a romantic interest, who you choose to help, and much more.

At the core, the game is a social simulator with dating elements.

Its content will mainly be slice of life and school life.

However, as the protagonist you have your share of opportunities to participate in all sorts of different story arcs with the characters you interact with.

Based on Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, the eighth Pokemon movie. It's one of the biggest and most emotional game Ive ever made and it's all by me except for the music and some code. Also the audio was bad and the story was not a dating sim. Over all it's an great game but the controls are horrible if I may make some recommendations it would be to use and similar control scheme to Undertale or to let people choose there own controls. God no, just stop Actually, is nice that you tried, but this is just.....

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