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A vegetarian, Mc Cartney wrote several cookbooks and was also active member of PETA.In 1995, Mc Cartney discovered that she had breast cancer.

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Few rock stars have made any comment at all, though some must be more than a little worried.

The biggest star of them all has said nothing until now.

In 1967, Linda Mc Cartney got the chance to work with one of the most adorned rock bands of the era, the Beatles, and caught the eye of guitarist and vocalist Paul Mc Cartney.

They later began dating and were married in March 1969.

" on the UK television program 'Frost on Sunday', hosted by David Frost... On November 13th 1968, the Beatles' animated feature movie "Yellow Submarine" premiered in the U. Even if you don't think this is one of the Beatles' best, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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