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At least, what we could call advice in pop culture.

It’s Patti Stanger of Bravo TV’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” fame.

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Would you just close your eyes and point at one or will you diligently go through each of them?

I’m sure you will take your time before picking one.

Patti says if a man offers you dinner and you counter with drinks, it could make him think you're auditioning him.

So, if you reduce the date to drinks, you're not honoring your dating commitments?

Alas, this one requires more explanation than can fit into 140 characters. So it’s unfortunate Patti quasi-contradicts this advice by simultaneously advising women to get four dates out of a guy before she “gives” him something in return. It could also be said that men LOVE a woman who scours toilet grime. Give a guy a chance even if he goes dutch on the first date.

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