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Now you’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with dating besides the fact the event has to do with the Millionaire Matchmaker, and I’m also a Matchmaker?

Which is not only really taboo but it also, no matter how you spin it, you look like you have problems. There’s no mystery and there’s no reason for him to call you again.

Last week I noted that the reality show “Millionaire Matchmaker” had caught my attention.

(So write this down.) What’s the biggest obstacle for singles today? On your show, you really enforce a two-drink maximum. I think if you’re at dinner you could go to three, but I would be careful. They can’t drink men under the table, men can go further. So you can start in your neighborhood, but if you want to be really assertive and racy, go to a completely different neighborhood and restaurant. And it hurts you: A) if they’re a student or aren’t made of money, they don’t want to have to buy the whole group a round of drinks and B) you run the risk of your friend ruining your chances with a guy and C) you run the risk of your friend catching his eye! But scientifically, as women, there’s a chemical in your brain that basically, when you have sex – even “eh” sex, you don’t have to have an orgasm!

Honestly, just get that done and you’ll feel 100% more confident. I definitely feel like you gotta wait awhile before papa bear gets to meet the guy. And just smile and look away, and when you catch his eyes, do the five-second flirt — holding eye contact and smiling. It’s showing he’s taking initiative – and you’re not going to have to do the work in the relationship. Most men go to the same restaurants, especially for happy hour, over and over again. Most men are intimidated by groups of women, and won’t go up to them. What are the three biggest hang-ups you see most women dealing with nowadays?

Now don’t get me wrong I know some divorces are messy, but there was no drama from his divorce.

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