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Speaking about being transgender, presenter Anna Richardson said, “Transgender people identify with a different sex to the one they were assigned at birth.

Chiếc bánh ngỗ nghĩnh hình các chú gà siêu dễ thương không lỡ ăn, mùi thơm lừng khi những chiếc bánh vừa ra lò khiến cho các bé cưng nhà bạn làm sao mà cưỡng lại được.

Hãy cùng học cách làm món bánh nướng hình con gà siêu ngộ nghĩnh này nhé!

In a Naked Attraction first, trans and pansexual dating hopefuls were added to the naked panel.

The show’s second season premiere featured self-identified pansexual Lizzy who came out after one year of university and says she is open to all genders saying, “I’m attracted to everyone”.

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