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As advocates for the sex without boundaries movement ourselves—from eschewing the bi or gay label to anything-goes sex parties—we wanted to chat to Dan Levy and find out how this watershed moment of Canadian television and sexual diversity on-screen came to be. The more that we started exploring David and delving into his past, and what his whole life had been prior to when the show starts, it just felt like an interesting fit for him. We wanted to approach it from a way that was very sort of normal, and by that I mean that the family was aware of it, they had been for a while.

You mentioned in a recent interview that you and your writer’s room felt that pansexuality hadn’t been explored very much on-screen. It wasn’t one of those, “Let’s teach a lesson about pansexuality” episodes.

And, even more impressively, this is no Lifetime Movie of the Week reveal—his character’s I-bang-girls-and-guys-and-whoever-really orientation is treated like it’s NBD. The critically acclaimed show—which is also broadcast in the U. on Pop—follows a spoiled family of four post–financial crisis as they move to the titular tiny town.

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I like to play Minecraft and Undertale, I love art and books. I accept everyone no matter how they choose to be =] and for people that don't know what a pansexual is it's a person who dates guys,girls,and those who are transgender............. I actually figured that I was pansexual quite easily.

, a broad half-hour sitcom viewed by over a million people a week.

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