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No premiere date was announced, but the network said the series will return later this year with host Padma Lakshmi, head judge Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons and Graham Elliot at the judges’ table.

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A triumphant “When life gives you kumquats, make kumquat chutney” spirit pervades this evocatively written book, a female uber-memoir that packs a dizzying array of modern lady themes into its 324 pages.

The tale, spanning continents, includes cultural dislocation, illness, racism, sexual assault, love, heartbreak, marriage, death, divorce, single motherhood, custody battles, weight battles, a “Lean-in” class in brand-building. She didn’t set out to write a full memoir, Lakshmi says by phone from her New York City apartment.

Colorado will host the next season of the popular competitive cooking show.

(Provided by Bravo TV) Colorado’s status as a foodie destination is confirmed: “Top Chef” will fire up its next season here.

Giselle Wellman explains that she's making her dish based on a recent blind date that got kind of spicy and involved some soft making out. Phillip Frankland Lee describes his first date with his now-wife was at his restaurant and he was still in a chef's coat.

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