Narcissism love game playing dating

Gregory Tortoriello, a psychologist at the University of Alabama, and his fellow researchers were interested in earlier studies that suggested narcissists tend to ruin their own relationships by flirting with other people.In their study, Tortoreillo and his colleagues challenged the previous studies by trying to figure out the reason behind Researchers had 237 undergrad students fill out questionnaires that described their personality traits, what they did to make their partners jealous (if anything) and their reasoning behind making their partner jealous.

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But why bother with these mind games when he already has you?

Well, a new study suggests it might be because he's a narcissist.

It has also been used to refer to abusers in romantic relationships showering their victims with praise, gifts, and affection in the early stages of a relationship.

In this article I will explain how narcissists use love bombing throughout a relationship (especially in the early stages) in order to hook you, as well as how to CLEARLY identify the signs of love bombing and RUN AWAY before it’s too late.

If you don’t leave early on, you will be emotionally manipulated and made to feel like everything’s your fault.

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